Original Design Studio


We offer a variety of consummate visual resources to supplement all of your design needs from inception to perpetuity. The focus on providing necessary elements for proper brand recognition and awareness is paramount at ODS. Contact us for more information.

The complete and cohesively designed aesthetic tools put in place to establish and promote a brand from inception to perpetuity. Carefully crafted assets with specific attention to the voice/message of the brand directed at meticulously cultivated target audiences.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business, whether the company is large, small, or somewhere in between. In order to be truly effective, however, your brand must establish it’s own unique voice while also representing everything you want your customers to see from their own perspective. Here at ODS, we take all of this into consideration when creating each of our clients’ own unique branding strategies. From developing clever taglines to creating a proper brand logo, we are capable of transforming a business from scratch into a fully grown, successful entity.

We begin by defining your target market/demographic and using that information to refine how your company is seen by the public. Setting the tone for your brand is largely important not only in regards to the public perception of your company, but also in terms of how the brand fits within an industry. This not only helps with curating how the company’s branding suite will be designed, but also how the brand’s message will be instituted and portrayed throughout it's website as well as social media platforms. Next, we tackle the visual elements that will be developed for cross-platform optimization. From finely tuned color palettes to strategic font selection, specific attention to detail is paid to each facet of the logo and encompassing brand assets.

After the core visual components are completed, we can begin work on the website and supplemental digital media. The main goal in designing web elements is to maintain a level of consistency, stateliness, and cohesiveness so as to create instantly recognizable designs associated with your brand. We also use this core concept to tie in ideas for photos, graphics, and even packaging when applicable. Resources such as copywriting can also account for a large portion of brand representation, which we strive to deliver in whichever manner deemed most efficient. Once your mission statement and identity have been established, you can start to adequately cater to more specific groups of people and begin your journey down the path to success and prosperity.