Original Design Studio


Lifestyle photography is just as vital to a brand as quality product photographs are. Not only do they promote a certain essence, but they tell the story behind the brand and inspire the viewer to take action. Contact us today to set up a shoot.


For models, your portfolio must be as strong as your greatest talents, while also showcasing both diversity and finest assets. Here are a few examples of portfolios created for several different modeling agencies.


Not only does ad photography need to be creative and striking, but it must also possess expressivity and succinctness in order to capture the eye of the beholder. These attributes are easily achieved through aesthetic means by combining traditional concepts with modern executions and vice versa. Below you will find photographs created with advertising applications in mind.


No matter the setting, be it a bedazzled ballroom or an ordinary office space, the photographs that subsequently represent that moment in time must possess a certain quality of sophistication and expressiveness. We take ourselves out of those very moments briefly to assess the scene in front of us and fulfill the expectations of our clients.