Original Design Studio


The focus on providing necessary design and marketing elements for proper brand recognition and awareness is paramount at ODS, so let us help guide you to success.


One of the first steps in creating your brand's identity is designing a logo. We design logos that will not only fit your brand, but grow with you as your brand progresses.


As useful and progressive online tools may prove to be, tangibility is timeless. From guides and garments to books and brochures, we've designed a multitude of different items.


Online marketing is quintessential for consumer growth and reach expansion. Here at Original Design Studios, we aim to supplement your products and ideas with clever and creative concepts in an effort to increase traffic to your site while keep your viewers interested. The following graphics were created for online marketing platforms such as homepage banners, e-mail blasts, and social media ad campaigns. We specialize in Constant Contact & MailChimp platforms for e-mail marketing.


We offer a variety of consummate visual resources to supplement all of your design needs from inception to perpetuity. The focus on providing necessary assets for proper brand recognition and awareness is paramount at ODS.


In the age of information, your website is arguably the most important tool for your brand to have and utilize. Conveying the meaning and goals behind a company in a simple, yet concise manner is essential to creating an effective website.