Original Design Studio


Here's what a few of our clients have said about us. 


"Original Design Studios helped us launch our brand, Real Cocktails, with such professionalism, great service, and super speedy turnaround time! We are always receiving compliments about our website and photos. Original Design Studios have helped us grow our business from the beginning and come highly recommended from us at Real Cocktails!"


//Buddy Hayes, Model

"My professional working experiences with Gina Capozza were nothing short of top notch professionalism. I worked on a couple of projects with Gina she was my first experience on the professional level. Her down to earth demeanor made me feel extremely comfortable which yielded great results. From shooting on the beach to doing head shots in the studio she covered every creative concept that helped begin my portfolio and establish it as a competitive tool for my career. I would highly recommend Gina for any creative projects."


//Andrea Fox, Model

"Gina Capozza is a great photographer with natural talent. She is not only professional and gregarious, but has a warm, friendly personality that would put anyone at ease. This was something that was very important to me as a new-comer to the modeling scene.

 Once on set, I didn't even have the time to be shy! Gina immediately made me smile and laugh after only a few minutes. She is truly an amazing person.

 She has a very nice way of making you look and feel beautiful throughout the shoot.  Gina exudes a level of professionalism that I believe is unrivaled in today's industry. Her attitude and skill set her apart and will undoubtedly be the key to her success.

Gina is an absolutely amazing photographer. She captures the life and emotion within each photograph in a way I never knew was possible. I stand with great pride and confidence when I say it has been truly memorable working with Gina Capozza. I am grateful to have shared this remarkable first modeling experience with such a talented individual and I am already looking forward to the next time we meet on set."


//Dominique Coviello, Model

"I have modeled several times for Gina and she truly has natural talent! It was always a fun, easygoing experience working with her. Her work is extremely creative and she always coming up with new and different ideas. I couldn't recommend her enough!"


//Meital Benaroya, Celebrity Stylist & Owner of Reveboutique.com

"We have been fortunate enough to work with Gina the past few months and couldn't be happier with the results from her work. She is a hard worker who is patient with her clients and enthusiastic about what she does. We really appreciate that she goes the extra mile to get projects done on time and does not see critiquing as a issue that gets in her way. Gina values hard work and does not shy away from it. We at ReveBoutique.com appreciate Gina's graphic design expertise and  take pride in her work  as the main designer or our email blasts, advertisements, product shots and other design of promotional materials. She is not only talented with graphic design and photography but is also very creative with marketing. Thank you Gina for all the work you have done for us!"


//Victoria Simoné Gee, Model

"Gina's down to earth personality brought positive energy on set. She kept creating amazing styles, emotions, and incredible angles, which is the reason why I love modeling: getting to work with people like her. Her videography skills (which are just as good as her photography skills) show that she is multi-talented!  She is a hard-working artist, and knows exactly what she wants. Once you go to Gina's studio, you're not going to want to go to ANY other photographer!"


//Amanda Esposito, Fashion Designer

"Gina Capozza is one of the best photographers in fashion I have worked with to date and offers everything that I am looking for in a photographer. She is also very sensitive to what I want in terms of pictures/poses/styling for my models, and meets with me before and after every shoot to go over all of her creative ideas and proofs. The fact that Gina manages to make everyone feel very comfortable while shooting is highly notable! She always delivers amazing quality products with a personal touch. When time, effort, and passion are shown by a photographer, you're bound to have a great shoot, and that is what Gina ensures you get.  Bravo on a job well done!"


//Anthony Latona, Designer of Looks Could Kyll Clothing

"Gina’s work takes “art” to another level.  Her creative genius turns my concepts into reality.  Gina’s unique style and vision appeals to mass audiences and that is something a designer can only dream of. There is talent, and then there is Gina Capozza."


//Frank Franca, Professor of Photography, Pratt Institute

"Gina has an extraordinary gift for image-making. She is one of the most naturally talented photographers I have ever known, and her compositions are flawless, always surprising and unexpected. She has a heightened sense of light, and easily manipulates it in subtle ways to compliment her compositions. She is a natural storyteller, her narratives are always interesting, and her subjects are always explored with a very moving sensitivity. Gina has exquisite taste, which is evident in everything she does.

Working with Gina has always been a pleasure. She is professional and warm, and always willing to go the extra mile. Whether on the creative or the administrative side of things, Gina's intelligent, creative, and caring skills deliver nothing but the best. Her standards are world class. Everything she does is crafted carefully, deliberately, and with the most pleasant and professional demeanor. She is wonderful to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough."


//Linda Coviello, Statewide Granite & Marble

"It is not often that you will find the quality work and excellent service that you find at Original Design Studios. The team here gets it RIGHT the first time. They understood our goals and needs perfectly and made us a website that is more than we could ever ask for! Gina is a talented and educated professional that will make your experience at Original Design Studios a real pleasure. They also designed a fresh and great looking logo for our company that is absolutely fantastic, can't thank them enough."


//Vincent Picone, Tubular Supply

"Original Design studio gave me EXACTLY what I wanted and what my company needed. Given the creative and professional input from the staff at Original Design Studios, I walked away with products and images that I am proud to show off anywhere I take them. Effortless communication, unparalleled styles and concepts, and customer care are customs strongly embraced by Original Design Studios, and this is abundantly clear when working with them. Definitely plan on working with them again!"


//Adrian Volz, Graphic Designer

"I have known Gina since we were both Communications Design students at Pratt Institute and have been close friends ever since.

I've always known Gina to be friendly, professional, hard-working, enthusiastic, and most of all, genuine. As both a student and ComD office employee, she represented herself and her work in the highest possible manner to both staff members and to her classmates. The assignments she presented forth to class critiques consistently caught the interest of her professor and were crafted in a consummate and visually communicable manner.

I had the pleasure of working with Gina on a packaging assignment of hers that turned out wonderfully. Her use of graphics and material combined to generate a unique piece with promise for market implementation. 

At her final Senior Survey on the ComD floor, Gina first presented the name "Original Design Studios" to me, which I though was a very clever and necessary name to use in this highly-competitive field.

Gina has definitely stood out to me since she graduated from Pratt with my class in 2011. Her entrepreneurship, savvy business skills, and exceptional eye for design and photography is admirable and commendable to both herself and company. I would gladly recommend Gina for her upcoming client projects and ventures!"


//Elena Marino, Bottle of Therapy

"Gina is absolutely amazing. She knew absolutely nothing about my business and was still able to not only create and design an easy to navigate site, but has assisted me with marketing and promoting. She continues to guide me and assist me in making positive changes for my business. Original Design Studios are incredibly professional and always get everything done in a timely manner. I can't thank her enough for EVERYTHING she has done and continues to do for me!"


//Sapna Kakwani, Engagement Client

Original Design Studios did our recent engagement shoot at Columbia University. Gina and Rob were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process-from choosing the perfect location to giving us tips on outfits and ideas for props. They were very amenable to our special requests. Working with such an easy-going team made the experience enjoyable for the both of us. We had so much fun shooting at one of our favorite places, even on a humid, 90-degree summer day in New York City! Rob and Gina both definitely have a creative eye and passion for photography, and it really shines through in their work. Thanks so much for giving us photos and memories to remember!